Graphic Healing Mandala - Key to Ascension -Living in Love

Empowerment of Forgiveness

Living in Love  one of the keys to Ascension. 

A high frequency mandala in multiple formats and colors as coffee mugs, T-shirts, Window Decals, Car Decals, T-shirts, Throw Pillow, Tote Bag, Mouse pad, Infuser and Sport Water Bottle and Ball Caps. 

An exceptional and unique Valentine Gift! Remind yourself or Let another know you wish them love in all they do!

Spiritual Energy Meaning and Benefit
Key to Ascension - living in love
A heart, the classic symbol of love with the celtic symbol of life at the center. 
This high frequency mandala in multiple formats and colors are to help you infuse, embrace and expand the highest vibrational energy of love into every aspect of your life.

You can choose it in multiple colors

Available in
Iiving in Love TurquoiseTurquoise
Iiving in Love Violet
Iiving in Love PinkPink

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