Mosaic Art Glass
Artist Eloryia RA

Mosaic Glass Artist Eloryia RA

Eloryia studied fine art at Colorado University for a few years but is mostly a self taught artist and has created fine works of art in multiple mediums all of her life Eloryia's spiritual coaching website.

Heart's Intention:
During her very first experience of dabbling with paints in kindergarten; is when she vowed her life from that day forward would be dedicated to her passionate purpose of helping others feel good by creating inspiring art that would assist in lightening and lifting up their world!

All of Eloryia's creations are infused with specific intention to help you integrate the feel good  vibration into your body, mind, heart and soul so that you are reminded of what is important in your life with a beautiful work of art that will help you focus on whatever it is you desire to  manifest it into your everyday life!

Nature's Gifts:
In her extensive travels Eloryia has realized that nature always provides her with amazing materials that can be integrated into her works of art; Utilizing these gifts of nature she creates sculptures of various natural and manmade materials to replicate the many magical places she has explored.

Eloryia presently resides in Venice Florida and her love of the ocean and its gentle colors and many inhabitants and other gifts is most evident in her "Life is a Beach " series of Mosaic Art Glass.

Each piece of mosaic art glass is a one of a kind unique, custom creation designed by Eloryia RA to inspire personal transformation and the upliftment of any space in your home or office.

The mosaic tempered glass art pieces are created as flat artistic designs or wall art or created on glass electrical lamps with an inner light to add a soft glowing energy to your space at night or can be used as a meditation or prayer focus point.

The Mosaic Art Glass is crafted by blending  tempered glass with multiple sparkling colors and then shattered leaving thousands of tiny pieces that are reconstructed into a glittering design.

Environmentally Responsible:
Eloryia understands the importance of recycling materials and some of her glass pieces originated as refrigerator shelves, car windows and other tempered glass that would otherwise have ended up at the local dump.  She also shops thrift stores and garage and estate sales seeking old mirrors with unique frames that are used as the base for the glass wall art designs.

You can order one of the already created pieces or you can order one in your favorite colors or one with the predominant colors of your aura or home or office decor. If you are drawn to a piece it may have already been created specifically for you.

The Graphic Healing Mandala Collection are designs emulating some of the mosaic glass art. They also display specific high frequency theme to help you feel good and uplift your world! They are available as cloth wall hangings and other household items.

Email Eloryia to Commission Custom pieces or glass artwork done in your home.

Eloryia also designs graphic logos and web sites.