Mosaic Art Glass Mandala - Empowering Blue Ray Star Seed

Created with Lemurian Seed Crystals, Aqua Aura Crytals and Smoky Amethyst .

For the Divine starseed children, commited to transforming the shattered or wounded into divine magnificent works of art.

Learn about the benefits of the stones and the Spiritual Meaning of Blue Star Ray

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The big bright blue star is holding the guiding light and seeding the planet with lots of little blue star rays

The blue star seed pictured is sold. You can order a similar one. All pieces vary in color tone and glass placement

  $175 + S&H and insurance Please state when purchasing if you are a CCFL member

12x16 flat tempered glass can be displayed on a plate easel or framed and hung on the wall.

Light up your heart, expand your consciousness,body, soul and free your Spirit! Radiate your Life and home with this expansive sparkling mosaic art mandala!

Created with clear quartz crystal, smoky amethyst and aqua aura crystals. This sparkling design is channeled to be Ultra Healing Vibration to gracefully shift you from the linear world of 3D to the ever expanding consciousness of  5D Ascension.

Empowering Blue Ray Star Seed

Crafted with broken glass to energeticslly reconstruct your mind, heart, soul and spirit with the assistance of the blue ray energy. How perfect for a blue ray star seed soul who is dedicated to transforming the broken or damaged into works of art, innovation and beauty.

The blue rays is the harmonic unifiers in our world, more adept than other starseed type. They are the Lightworkers before the Lightworker soul group.

The Blue Rays is the guiding light for other starseed beings to incarnate on Earth and beyond.

The Blue Ray is fundamental in raising the consciousness of the planet and all its inhabitants into 5D. Holding the light for many to realize their divine magnificence and live a passionate purpose thru their gifts and talents

Blue rays pure energy makes them intergalatic travelers and can traverse multi-dimensional realities.


Aqua Aura Quartz is a synthesis of Gold and Clear Quartz that makes it an enchanting crystal with its shimmering iridescence and rainbow effects.

Sometimes called Angel Aura Quartz, a crystal that assists with calmness, and enhancing connection with the higher realms including connection with our Angel guides.

It stimulates the throat chakra clears emotional imbalances and releases negative energies

Lemurian Seed Crystal - Lemurian crystals are all wands. They conduct, amplify, and focus the Universal Life Force, augmenting the healing power of the healer.emotional healing

They help strengthen your concentration and balance your emotions

Connection with the Divine feminine, connecting with the soul, access to knowledge & wisdom of Ancient Lemuria
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Smokey Amethyst-The combination of smokey quartz and amethyst will help one experience spiritual growth while being grounded and protected. Amethyst is a high vibrational Light encoded crystal that accesses the Angelic realm, and beyond.  Amethyst offers high, loving energy filled with etheric Light, Smokey Quartz streams that information into your consciousness and groundis it into Gaia. The effect allows you to reach to the next level of consciousness.

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